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2012 year in review postcard

Year in Review | Layouts Using 16+ Photos

As the year draws to a close, “year in review” is popping up everywhere: Facebook, news, magazines, scrapbooking and more. Here are a few ideas for creating an end-of-year scrapbook layout using lots of small photos: 1. Contact Sheet For the 2012 layout above, I created a contact sheet in iPhoto (print > contact sheet […] Read more…

he layout close up

Making a List (and Checking it Twice)

I’m a list maker. To do lists, shopping lists, idea lists, color coded lists, handwritten lists… I could make a list of the lists I make. Instead, I made a list of ways to incorporate lists into scrapbooking (still with me?): 1. Jump start journaling. When you’re having trouble getting started on a story, can’t […] Read more…

favorite free fonts

My 10 Favorite Free Fonts (2012 edition)

How many fonts do you have on your computer? According to Font Book, I have 424. What?! I couldn’t possibly have that many. So I decided to make a list of the fonts I actually use (way less than 424… more like 24), and that list became… My 10 Favorite Free Fonts,¬†with links for downloading: […] Read more…