3×4 Activity Cards for Kids (with free printables)

3x4 activity cards for kids

3×4 journaling cards are not only great for Project Life and other small scrapbook albums, they’re also the perfect size for kids.

I wanted a few activities for my children to do during our road trip, such as the classic USA license plate game. Since they have summer journals this year and a place to hold colored pencils and extra journaling cards, I made some 4×6 and 3×4 activity cards for them. We are using Simple Stories page protectors with two 3×4 openings and one 4×6 opening.

Activity cards aren’t just for traveling. Keep a few cards in your purse to prevent restaurant meltdowns, or include one in your child’s lunch box or backpack. Added bonus: you can add the cards to your scrapbook when the kids are finished.


3×4 Activity Cards

The idea is simple: if you find an activity, coloring page or other free printable that’s designed for 8.5×11″ letter paper, it might work as a 3×4 card. Sometimes the images can be reduced without the need for Photoshop.



3×4 Word Search

3x4 travel word search

Click here to download this card (PDF file).

Click here for a JPEG file (right-click and save).

Create your own custom word search using Puzzle Maker. Enter the words and it creates a puzzle! Include your children’s names or their favorite activities for a personal touch. You can also control the number of rows and columns. The one above is 10 columns x 9 rows.

Once the word search is created, it’s ready to print onto 8.5×11″ letter paper. To reduce the word search to 3×4, I saved the puzzle as a PDF file, opened it in Photoshop, then cropped and reduced it to 3×4. I added the words to the bottom.

I also made a 4×6 personalized word search and left off the word list – I told the kids that whoever finds the most words wins. :)

4x6 word search



3×4 Coloring Book Cards

3x4 coloring page

image source: Doodle Art Alley

Coloring book images make great 3×4 cards, and look great in scrapbooks, too, since they’re little works of art.

Doodle Art Alley has fantastic free coloring pages that can be downloaded, reduced to 3″ width and printed.

For the landscape designs, I printed them as 4×6 cards:

4x6 camping coloring page

Note: When I reduce a landscape image to 6″ width, it still ends up getting cropped at the top or bottom since it’s not exactly 4×6. To fix this in Photoshop, I choose Select All > Transform > Scale, and squish the image a little. You could also reduce the image to a 4″ height and leave a white gap on the sides.


3×4 Scavenger Hunt Cards

3x4 ispy

Fill in the cards with things to find. See my previous post Scavenger Hunt Cards for 5 free downloads.

For an amazing DIY photo I Spy game (like the ones in the I Spy books), check out Dabbles & Babbles.



3×4 Minifigure Card

3x4 minifigure

Click here to download this card (PDF file).

Click here for a JPEG file (right-click and save).

This cute LEGO minifigure design (design credit: Dutch Micro Figures) is fun to decorate with colored pencils, crayons and stickers.

Also try: Superhero Printables



3×4 USA License Plate Game

3x4 USA License Plate Game

Click here to download this card (PDF file).

Click here for a JPEG file (right-click and save).

For USA road trips, try the classic license plate game. The print is tiny, so grown ups might need glasses to read the cards. :)



3×4 Blooper Search

3x4 blooper search

image source: Doodle Art Alley

Find the items that don’t belong in the picture. It’s also a coloring page.

Doodle Art Alley has a few blooper searches including the one above, and discovery pictures (search for certain items in the picture). Download, reduce to 3″ width and print.



3×4 Dots Game

3x4 dots

Click here to download this file (PDF file).

Click here for a JPEG file (right-click and save).

Play a two-person game of dots and boxes. Create other game cards such as Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman.



3×4 USA State Cards

3x4 texas card

image credit: Lauren Grier

For road trips, print a card with an outline of the state (or country) you’ll be visiting. Kids can decorate them or add journaling. The card above was created with Lauren Grier‘s USA Map kit ($4.99).


I also made a 4×6 card with the states we would be traveling through. The geotags are from the Modern Pictograms font (free).

4x6 map of trip

Additional Resources:

Doodle Art Alley has free coloring pages for each U.S. state.

State Face is a free dingbat font with filled images of each U.S. state.

Enchanted Learning has free printable U.S. state outlines and facts.



There are many possibilities – these are just a few of the ones I’ve used so far. If you’ve made or found an activity card, feel free to add a link in the comments. (By the way, I think I’ve fixed the commenting issue – when I switched to a new commenting system, I didn’t realize that guest comments were disabled. Now you should be able to post without registering.)

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    My goodness – you could market this! Little Travel Cards for Kids or TLCs! I would’ve loved them on the long haul drives we did as kids – thanks for sharing :)

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