8 Free Bold Title Fonts

8 bold title fontsBold, eye-catching yet readable. That was my criteria when I went searching for some new (free) fonts recently. I was specifically looking for fonts to use on blog images. When images with text are pinned to Pinterest, they need to be readable, right?

These are the bold fonts I’ve added to my collection:


8 Free Bold Title Fonts

1. Chunk Five (Font Squirrel)

2. Dock No 11 (DaFont) – uppercase font, plus these (lowercase a-g, x, @):

dock characters

3. Just Old Fashion (Font Squirrel)

4. League Gothic (Font Squirrel)

5. MEgalopolis Extra (Font Squirrel – links to the creator, SMeltery)

Note: I used MEgalopolis Extra in the image title “8 Bold Title Fonts” but made it taller (changed the vertical scale to 140%)

6. Open Sans Condensed Bold (Font Squirrel)

7. Santana Black Condensed (Font Squirrel)

8. Serif Black & Italic (Urban Fonts)


I hope you like them, too.

  • http://robbiefoust.com Robbie Foust

    My new favorite font is Helvetica Neue. I discovered it because it’s what gmail uses on the ipad. It’s a very “clean” font, and i hate serifs :)

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Oooh I like that one! Especially in the condensed bold. Thanks for pointing it out – I hadn’t really paid attention to it on my fonts list before now.