Chalkboard Easter Eggs

egg display

These chalkboard Easter eggs were very easy to make. Wooden eggs + chalkboard paint.

The challenge was figuring out how to hold the eggs while painting, and how to allow the paint to dry without the eggs rolling all over the place and leaving a trail of paint.

Presenting my fabulous invention: The Rotisserie Egg Drying Rack. Rubber bands wrapped around a shoe box. Simply insert push pins into the ends of the wooden eggs (there were little holes already there anyway), and suspend the eggs from the rubber bands. You can even twirl them around like a rotisserie chicken if you want.

It’s genius, I tell you.

egg holder

P.S. I “borrowed” the rubber band ball, push pins and shoe box from my children. Shhhh…


Tutorial for Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Supplies (all available at craft stores):

  • Wooden eggs
  • Primer
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Foam paint brush

egg supplies



Lightly sand any rough areas on the wooden egg. Paint with primer.

I couldn’t find anything labeled primer at the craft store, and I was too lazy to find the gallon of primer in the basement, so I used Americana multi-purpose sealer. The instructions said it was good for sealing raw wood and improving paint adhesion. It worked.

egg sealer


I discovered that it works best to paint the ends first, then push the pins into the ends of the egg, then paint the rest.

egg holding


Allow the egg(s) to dry on the fancy rotisserie egg drying rack.

egg drying sealer


Remove the push pins. Paint egg ends with chalkboard paint. Replace push pins. Paint the rest of the egg with chalkboard paint.

I used Americana chalkboard paint – great size for small crafts, easy to shake up, and it cost less than $2. I didn’t even have to dip my paint brush; I just squirted a little paint directly onto the egg.

This photo was taken when I was trying to paint around the push pins. That method resulted in getting paint on the push pins and my fingers, and not the end of the egg. 

egg painting


Allow the egg(s) to dry on the fancy rotisserie egg drying rack. Paint a second coat of chalkboard paint and allow to dry again.

egg drying


Draw on the eggs with chalk. (This is a photo of my daughter drawing a bird).

egg drawing


You may have noticed that the wood grain still shows through. I’m not sure if a different primer would have worked better or maybe additional coats of chalkboard paint. I’m satisfied with my eggs, though, so I left them as is.

Plus, after drawing on the eggs with chalk and erasing a few times, it appears that the chalk dust has filled in the wood grain cracks anyway.


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  • kat

    Your holder is brillant! I’ve been trying to think of a way to hold my eggs while spray painting them & this would work great!

  • Robbie

    Hey that’s pretty cool! Great idea :)

  • henna blossom

    found your tutorial through craftgawker. nice that you included a way to dry them! I think I would have gotten myself in a little bit of a mess without that. :) I actually have some leftover chalkboard paint. I’ll have to try these.

    I made some fun easter eggs myself. Leopard Print! :) Definitely come check them out! :)

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I LOVE your leopard print eggs! Thanks for the link!