Free Chalkboard Fonts, Backgrounds & Dingbats

chalkboard free fonts

Chalkboards! They’re everywhere. (On Pinterest, at least).

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It’s easy to create your own chalkboard images – all you need is a chalkboard background and some fonts that look like chalk. I created these images using Photoshop, but other programs can also be used.

Here are links to my favorite chalkboard fonts, backgrounds and dingbats:


Chalkboard Backgrounds:

Chalkboard Backgrounds – black, blue and green (Foolish Fire).


Chalkboard Fonts:

A Song for Jennifer (dafont)

Chalk Hand Lettering (dafont)

FFF Tusj (Font Squirrel)

Grutch Shaded (dafont)

Janda Stylish Script (dafont)

Kraft Nine (dafont)

Return to Sender (dafont)


Chalkboard Dingbats:

Bergamot Ornaments (dafont)

This dingbat font has a variety of swirls, lines and fancy words. Here’s a sampling:

chalkboard dingbats


To create a slanted effect like I did here, use WordArt or other similar text warping tool. In Photoshop, I selected the “create warped text” button and the style “rise.” I use a separate text box for each set of words and dingbats so that I can move and position them individually.

chalkboard slanted text

Have fun creating your own chalkboard effect!

  • Lilach

    Cool fonts,

  • Stacey

    This is awesome Lisa! Thanks!

  • krunberry

    I love these fonts you shared! Thanks! Do you use a font manager? I am shopping around and need ideas. (I have a mac)

  • Meloni

    Thanks for sharing – really nice collection!

  • Cerise Burchett

    Hi Lisa!! I LOOOVE the background and fonts that you have shared!! I have a question. Is it possible for you to save the background to the size of 24″ X 36″? I am making a chalkboard for our wedding reception and love the fonts that you have also. Thank yo so much!!

  • lisa

    Well, I downloaded your chalkboard backgrounds and they are the poorest quality graphic Ive ever seen, not usable at all. I tried deleting the file on my computer and it won’t delete! Says it’s write protected or something to that effect. Now this is stuck on my computer????? Sounds suspicious like it’s got a virus attached to it. NOT COOL! If your going to offer free graphics at least make them usable and use the correct pixel size. You should learn about graphics and quality before you post such poor graphics. If you could provide instructions on how to get this horrible graphic off of my computer desktop now it would be appreciated.

  • Heather

    Lisa thanks for your posts on chalkboard fonts and other resources! I love this look. :) I finally created a page today using a chalkboard border for my title – thought you might like to have a look. :)

  • Heather

    Lisa thanks for your posts on chalkboard fonts and other resources! I love this look. :) I finally created a page today using a chalkboard border for my title – thought you might like to have a look. :)

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Heather, your page is excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashli Lake

    I followed your blog! Thanks for the posting. I love when designers help out other designers! It’s a wonderful world we live in! :D

  • kathy

    Can you give a quick description on how to use (insert) the dingbats into a PSE9 file? I’ve downloaded some of these chalkboard fonts and a few dingbats, but I have no idea on how to actually get this cool images into my chalkboard invitation I am trying to create. I am a novice with PSE, but have learned a few things on my own. Thanks for a reply!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Hi Kathy, you’ll just need to add a text box to the invitation. The dingbats are like fonts – you just select that font from your installed fonts and start typing like you would with any other font (except there are images instead of letters).

      For help installing the fonts after you’ve downloaded them, try this link:

      For help using the text tool in PSE, try this link:

      I hope these will help! I’ll be glad to give more details or point you in the right direction – just let me know what you need. :)

  • Dyana

    Thank you so much for posting where and how you did this!!! Your a blessing,

  • Diana


  • Mark

    You rule…

  • Kendra Prepping Parties

    Thank you so much for posting!! I’m becoming a font addict (is that such a thing?!?) and this is just what I needed!

  • Judy

    Holy crap I am stupid… where do I sign up to take a class to decipher what on earth you are talking about… I do LOVE the fonts Lisa… lol.. I need to go back to school….

  • cbp24601

    Hi, Lisa. Thanks for all this info! I am using these fonts in PSE 12 with no problem, except I’m not able to color them — the font stays white even after I select a color. Have you ever run across this issue?

  • Lisa Moorefield

    Thanks! I haven’t had any issues with changing the font color, but I’m using a different version of Photoshop. I usually highlight the text and then change the color from the color palette. This link might help: I hope it works! :)

  • Cheryl Lloyd

    I am having trouble changing the font color as well I am using PS5 =[ …but I am loving the fonts thanks!