Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt (free 3×4 cards)

photo scavenger hunt cards

In a digital photo scavenger hunt, items are photographed rather than physically collected. I thought this would be a fun family activity and a great addition to our Project Summer book.


3×4 Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards (free!)

Instead of listing specific items to find, I listed descriptive words – I think it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with on their own. I also included some blank cards. I used a geotags for checkboxes.

Click here to download all five cards in a .ZIP file.

To download individually, just click on the card, then right-click and save to your computer.

3x4-ispy-something    3x4-ispy-something-blank

3x4-ispy-someone    3x4-ispy-someone-blank


The font is Chunk Five (free). I made the geotag in Photoshop by creating a black raindrop shape with a white circle on top.


Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts can be done anywhere (including indoors), any time of the year, and for all ages. Just change the list to suit your needs.

Coolest Parties has ideas for “around the town” scavenger hunts.

Scavenger Hunt Guru has lots of scavenger hunt ideas.

The “I Spy” card from Martha Stewart Weddings would look great in a scrapbook.

Capture Your 365 has photo idea lists.

And Jen Gallacher has a free summer photo checklist.


Enjoy your photo scavenger hunt, and I hope you like the cards!

  • Lisa Moorefield

    Thank you!

  • Katrina Kennedy

    Lisa! These are awesome! What a fun way to collect photos! Linking this up to CY365 because they are fun, fun, fun!