Extra! Extra! Free Newspaper Fonts!

Font Collection - Newspaper

Old newspapers have beautiful typefaces, don’t they?

You probably already have several timeless fonts on your computer that can be used for newspaper body text, like Century Schoolbook, or titles, like Franklin Gothic (see fonts commonly used in newspaper design). So I tried to choose some fonts that were a little different. And free.

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Free Paper Backgrounds

Old Paper Texture Backgrounds – There are several different backgrounds available. Note: After I clicked “download,” I had to right-click to save the image to my computer.


Free Newspaper Fonts

Hand Shop Typography No. 20 – uppercase letters only


Pathway Gothic – also looks good in all caps

Playfair Display – lots of styles included; I used Playfair Display SC Italic

Press Style

Heavyweight – Note to Mac users: I had to select the Windows download to get the TTF version.

Subway Novella

Old Newspaper Font

Goudy Bookletter 1911 – This font has dropped style numbers and a beautiful “&” symbol:

Goudy numbers

Latin Modern Roman – LOTS of styles are included in this download. I used the Dunhill style, which has taller uppercase letters. In Latin Modern Roman Caps, I like how the letters aren’t perfectly aligned:

Latin Modern font example

Latin Modern Mono – LOTS of styles are included in this download; I used Condensed Light

USIS 1911

Barcode Font

Old Seals – includes several old library and date stamps:

old seals examples

And for help installing fonts, see the instructions on Font Squirrel.

I hope you enjoy the fonts!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this! Lovely material.