Free Party Fonts!

free party fontsParty fonts, fancy fonts, birthday fonts, celebration fonts… these are just great looking free fonts!

Free Party Fonts:

Invitation Script (links to Dafont for download)

Champagne & Limousines (Dafont)

Jellyka Delicious Cake (Dafont)

Chocolate Box (Dafont)

CAC Champagne (Font Squirrel)

Silverfake (Font Fabric)

CF Diamond (Dafont)

Janda Sparkle and Shine (Dafont)

Janda Celebration Script (Dafont)

KG A Little Swag (Dafont) – Be sure to read the font tips for how to add connecting lines and swirly things at the end.


Free Word Fonts:

These are limited free versions, which means there are just enough words included to make you want to buy the pro versions. :) I’ve highlighted some of the party words/phrases from the free versions:

Carolyna Words (Dafont):


  Larou Words (Dafont):


  Calissa Words (Font Space):


 A few notes:

A lot of these fonts were created by Kimberly Geswein. To see more of her wonderful fonts, check out her blog here and her fonts here.

I used Photoshop to create the font image, which allowed me to layer the fonts and add a metallic look to some of them.

The sparkly dots in the font image are simply periods from the Sparkle and Shine font.

For help installing fonts, see the instructions on Font Squirrel.



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