I Tried DIY Color Mist

color mist

I recently walked into a craft store and was greeted by a lady demonstrating color mist. It was almost like walking into a department store where there’s a lady spraying perfume samples… only this was paint. I can’t decide if it was weird or awesome.

Color misting isn’t a new technique, but it has become quite popular in scrapbooking (see Shimelle’s post for some examples).

I, however, had remained skeptical: Six dollars for a tiny bottle of watery paint? When I was a kid, I used an old toothbrush to splatter paint.

But I guess “toothbrush splatter” is not good marketing.


DIY Color Mist: Water + Alcohol + Watercolor Paint

Feeling adventurous and crafty, I decided to hop on the color mist bandwagon (caboose?). A Pinterest search yielded a few do-it-yourself color mist instructions. Most were water + alcohol + watercolor paint.

I searched the house and found an almost empty spray bottle of hair detangler, a bottle of rubbing alcohol that expired 11 years ago, and a tube of watercolor paint.

color mist supplies

I rinsed out the spray bottle and filled it with a little water and a squirt of paint. I have no idea what the ratio was since the bottle wasn’t clear. I shook. I sprayed.

I obviously used too much water:

color mist watery

Maybe I need alcohol.

I added some alcohol to the mixture, shook and sprayed.

It didn’t dry any faster and now my paper smelled like a hospital.


I started over and used less water/alcohol and added green paint. The sprayer didn’t “mist” this time and watery green paint blobs came out.

The result was something resembling mold spores:

color mist green

Maybe it was the 11-year old alcohol.



DIY Color Mist: Water + Acrylic Paint

And then I saw a post on The Scrappy Jedi about DIY color mists. She used acrylic paint and had cute little spray bottles, and her splatters were pretty.

So I rounded up some old Heidi Swapp acrylic paint:

color mist paints

I mixed the red with a little water and sprayed.

It looked like a crime scene photo:

color mist red

Red was obviously not the right color choice.

I decided to try the minty color and use the toothbrush method.

Hey, the paint looks like toothpaste! Hey, the splatters look like toothpaste! 

color mist toothbrush

Don’t use the toothbrush method.


My final spray bottle concoction was a success! I had mastered the ratio of water-to-paint, and I finally got the hang of misting:

color mist blue

Yep. I can do this.


DIY Color Mist: Temporary Insanity

color mist glow in the darkOh look! I found glow-in-the-dark paint! A glow-in-the-dark scrapbook page? Sign me up.

I sprayed. I waited. I took the page into a dark closet and ooohed and aaahed at my cleverness.

This idea is brilliant! I thought to myself. I can tell people to take the scrapbook page into the closet to see it glow!

There I was.

Standing in a dark closet holding a scrapbook page.

It was not awesome. It was weird.

(I blame the paint and alcohol fumes).



 DIY Color Mist: What I Learned

  • Always listen to The Scrappy Jedi. See this post and this post.
  • I need cute little Mini Mister bottles.
  • Don’t use too much water.
  • Alcohol has an expiration date.
  • Acrylic paint + water works well.
  • Be careful when choosing paint colors.
  • Misting is different than splattering.
  • Don’t stand in a dark closet holding a scrapbook page.
  • Bookworm9798

    Second the motion on trusting Melissa’s awesome DIY mojo. I’ll definitely be making my own with pearl MS paint sometime soon. But honestly, I don’t mind paying for mists. They last a *long* time and if you can find them at a big box store, you can use a coupon.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I think I will try the store bought kind. $6 doesn’t sound so bad anymore (especially if I use a coupon).

  • Jani

    I tried several different concoctions of color mists in the past. Some were ok. Most were not that great. I finally decided to break down and buy some mists. The store bought sprays were much better than anything I had made. I did not mind spending the money after that.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I am curious to try the store bought spray now!

  • http://www.scrappyjedi.com/ scrappyJedi (Melissa)

    Lisa- sorry to be commenting so late, but I LOVED your post! Thank you so much for the mention! And you had me seriously cracking up the whole time- love your sense of humor!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Thank you so much, Melissa! :)