LEGO Picture Frame, Sewing Machine and More

“Hey, why don’t we make a LEGO picture frame for your school photo and give it to Grandma for Christmas?” I suggested to my 10-year old son.

The idea was met with a wide-eyed look of panic and fear as he contemplated the idea of giving away Legos. Apparently, even if your child has 10 billion Legos, he will not want to part with any of them.


(I didn’t tell him that I think some fell down the vent last week when I was innocently attempting to maneuver around his room. Well at least there will be fewer for me to step on.)

So instead, I made a frame for him! That’s right – I played with Legos this week.

Lego Frame

I used whatever bricks I could find, hence the weird Legos with things sticking up at the top of the frame. I could probably tie ribbon around them and turn the frame into a Christmas ornament.

My son was impressed by my LEGO building skills, and I think I earned some cool mom points. :) Plus, he gets to keep all of his Legos.


LEGO® Picture Frame Tutorial (and more)

I learned how to make this frame by watching a great video tutorial from LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester:

They also have more LEGO® building tutorials: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester YouTube page. I’m going to try the snowflake next – it looks fun!

LEGO® Sewing Machine

While I’m at it, I thought I’d share a photo of my little LEGO sewing machine. My son and I made it together last year, and I keep it on my sewing desk:

Lego sewing machine

I saw the idea here and showed the photos to my son. He figured out how to make it by looking at the photos; my job was helping him look for particular bricks.

Lego sewing machine side

I could not even begin to explain how to make this or what bricks to use. But if your child is a LEGO fan, he will probably be able to figure it out by looking at the photos. If he is willing to part with some bricks, that is.

Legos on my desk

Isn’t that little robot cute?


LEGO® Card

Lastly, here’s a LEGO paper craft I posted a while back in case you missed it: LEGO Card Tutorial.

Lego card tutorial

It would also be great as a 3×4 card to fit in scrapbook pocket page protectors.

Happy building!


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  • Melanie

    The sewing machine is so adorable! I’m going to show that to my daughter.