Make Your Own Minions

make your own minionsMinions!

Paper pieced minions!

If you saw the new Despicable Me 2 movie, you might want to add a minion (or two or ten) to a scrapbook page or journaling card. It’s also a fun craft for kids to make.


3×4 Minimal Minion Card

3x4 minion card

The card is simply yellow cardstock, a Dymo embossed label, a large black “O” sticker, and two circle-punched pieces of cardstock. (I wanted to use gray for the goggles, but I only had black on hand).

This minimal movie poster design was my inspiration:


 image credit: three29design; designed by Livia Lucie


3×4 Paper Pieced Minion Cards

3x4 side minion card

The “Despicable Me” title was printed on white cardstock, then thumb-sized paper minions were added (tutorial below).

The movie poster was my inspiration.


Another 3×4 card variation:

3x4 despicable me ticket

Oh look. Now it’s forever documented that I was 8 minutes late to the movie. 



Make Your Own Minions (Tutorial)

What you will need: circle punches, yellow and blue cardstock, small letter stickers (I used black, gray and blue). You can change the design to accommodate the supplies you have on hand.

To create the minion body:

  1. Punch a circle from yellow cardstock. Use whatever size circle punch you have.
  2. Cut a square from yellow cardstock to match the diameter of the circle.
  3. Glue them together with the square covering half of the circle. The line will not be visible after you add a lowercase L sticker for the goggles (as shown in the next step).

minion punches


To create the eyes/goggles, use smaller circle punches and stickers (I used Recollections from Michael’s). Circles, dots, a sideways “8,” or the leftover middle of an O sticker can be used.

Other details are created with stickers and cardstock.

Click on an image for a larger view:

minion tutorial 1

minion tutorial 2


paper pieced minions


My 12-year old daughter created her own larger minion using cardstock, circle punches and scissors (no stickers):

scarletts minion

What do your minions look like? :)

  • Heather Hare

    Super cute! My kids will love this! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  • KeeKee

    Thank you!! My daughter loves these little things and I was wondering if I could find birthday party decorations for the Dispicable Me theme and this may just be all that I need!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I’m so glad you liked them!

  • Stefani

    So adorable, i’m going to get some felt and cut out the shapes and let the kids have fun making minions. Felt sticks to it self and is reusable so they can make as many minions as I can cut out.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Ooooh felt is a great idea!

  • Livia Lucie

    Hi Lisa, it’s lovely to see the minimal poster I made inspired you to create these cute hand made cards :) Who doesn’t love minions?!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I absolutely LOVE your poster, Livia!

  • Angelo Stavros Popadopoliss

    Made a minion James Bond

  • Angelo Stavros Popadopoliss

    Also made an evil minion

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa Moorefield

    Great minion! (And love the coffee, too).