Modern Little Valentine Cards (with free printable)

modern valentine

On Valentine’s Day, elementary school students like to exchange fun little Valentine cards such as SpongeBob and Tinkerbell. Grown-ups exchange big romantic cards filled with glittery hearts and sappy poems.

But what about the gap in between?

My daughter is in middle school and wouldn’t be caught dead slipping her friends a Dora the Explorer card in their lockers. That’s why I came up with the idea of a modern little Valentine – they’re fast and easy to make using dingbat fonts.


Modern Little Valentine Cards

To show some different ideas – both friendly and romantic – I’ve created a sampler of six cards:

valentine mosaic

Here’s a close-up of the images:

modern valentines close up

Free Printable

Click here to download the Modern Valentines Printable (a pdf file). Then simply print on a sheet of 8½ x 11 cardstock, cut along the lines and fold each card in half.

The printable looks like this (it is in landscape format):

modern valentines


Create Your Own Modern Valentines

The above cards were created in Photoshop, but Word or another program can be used as well.

I used Arial Narrow for the words, and the following free dingbat fonts from Font Squirrel:

A word of advice: if you use the Facebook “like” symbol, be sure you add words or the recipient may look at it upside down and think it’s a “dislike!”


More ideas:

  • Think of creative sayings based on the dingbats – they can be friendly, romantic, funny, etc.
  • If the recipient likes to tweet, use a fun hashtag such as #bemine or #friendsforever.
  • Slip a card into your child’s lunchbox.
  • Instead of using color ink, use black ink and print on color cardstock.

And check out my LEGO Card tutorial for another little Valentine’s Day card idea:

Lego white


Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Debra

    What a great idea, so cute.