More Free Chalkboard Fonts, Backgrounds & Dingbats

more free chalkboard fonts

For the first round of chalkboard freebies, see Free Chalkboard Fonts, Backgrounds & Dingbats.

Here are a few more…


Free Chalkboard Background:

We Lived Happily Ever After

This background is softer looking than the Foolish Fire background I used in the previous chalkboard post. Note that you can also change the opacity of backgrounds in Photoshop to make them look a little lighter and softer.


Free Chalkboard Fonts:

Hand Shop Typography A20 (link to dafont website)

Hooverville (dafont)

Closure (dafont)

Outliner No. 45 (dafont)

Motion Picture (dafont)

Archistico (Font Squirrel)

Langdon (XLN Telecom)


For more great chalkboard fonts, try these designers:

Fonts Cafe – creator of the Chalk Hand Lettering font (previous post) and Hand Shop Typography (this post).

KC Fonts (dafont) – creator of the Kraft Nine font (previous post) and Hooverville, Outline and Closure (this post).


Free Chalkboard Dingbats:

Carolyna Words – words & phrases (dafont)

These are words and phrases only – some I didn’t like, but some could be useful. And the font is really pretty. You can see all the words on the dafont site. A pro version of the Carolyna font is available for purchase on the designer’s Etsy site: Emily Lime Design.

KG Flavor and Frames (dafont)

KG Flavor and Frames Two (dafont)

I like to refer back to the dafont page where I download the font – it shows which letter goes with which dingbat. Otherwise, I’m just randomly hitting keys to see what design pops up.


I hope you enjoy the fonts!

  • Kathleen S.

    So nice to have someone go through all those freebies for us! My eyes cross at about page 4. The only benefit is it delights the grands and exercises eye muscles not usually accessed in my daily life. Thanks!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      LOL! Thanks, Kathleen! :)

  • keepyourpower

    Langdon came up as an Open font…not True Type. Is there another way to get it? Thank you!

  • keepyourpower