Halloween 3X4 Name Badge Album

3x4 name badge album

I finally have an album to display my children’s Halloween costumes.

So you know those name badges with lanyards that people wear at conferences? Well they’re 3×4! (Project Life card size)! And they already have holes punched!


Basic 3×4 Name Badge Album (for any occasion):

Name badge holders and book rings. That’s it.

3x4 album supplies

The horizontal badge holders I used are Staples brand. They come in packs of 10 for $5.29 each. I bought 4 packs.

Pros: 3-hole punched, clear, thick, and Project Life cards fit perfectly.

Cons: The vinyl/plastic can stick together, like bare legs on a hot car seat in the summer. I did not use any photos I printed at home because I was afraid the ink would stick to the name badge holder. Also, the lovely Staples logo is imprinted on one side.

For my purposes, however, these badge holders were great.

There are other styles and brands (such as Avery) available as well, often in larger packs. Amazon has several choices.

I used 1.5-inch book rings to bind the pages together:

3x4 album side

Only three out of 40 of my pages are bulky (sequins), so if you like bulky pages, you’ll need fewer pages or bigger rings.

The total cost was about $25.


Now onto the Halloweening:

The Cover

This is the front cover and inside back cover:

3x4 album covers

The back sides are black.

They are simply layers of cardstock and thin chipboard, sewn around the edges.

  1. Trim 2 pieces of cardstock/patterned paper and 1 piece of chipboard to the same size as the name badge holder. If you don’t have any chipboard, just use enough cardstock layers to make the cover sturdy.
  2. Punch holes in each layer, lined up with the name badges of course.
  3. Sew on strips of cardstock with the words.
  4. Layer the three pieces together like a sandwich and zig-zag stitch around the edges.

3x4 album cover

Paper: I used a Halloween paper pad from K&Company (found at Target) and black cardstock.

Letter Stickers: Recollections by Michael’s (white glitter) and BasicGrey (orange).


The Library Card

The first page of the album is a library card pocket from BasicGrey. I punched holes in it and made my own library card to fit. The card is like a table of contents, listing the year and costume. There is one card – front and back – for each child.

3x4 album library card


3x4 album library pocket


The Dividers

The album is divided into three sections: one for my daughter’s costumes, one for my son’s costumes, and one for everyone/general halloween stuff. I used American Crafts sequins (Target) and Heidi Swapp ghost letters (ghost letters!) from my stash, then sewed the name badge closed with invisible thread.

3x4 album sequins

3x4 album divider

Also see: Clear Scrapbook Pages.

Behind each sequined divider is a journaling card with the “chapter:”

3x4 album chapter one



The Photos

This part took the longest. I selected one costume photo from each year. The key to getting this album done was to use the photos I had on hand. Some years I didn’t have great photos, or I had trimmed one too much in a previous scrapbooking attempt, or the photo would have looked better if I’d just had it reprinted in a smaller size. But since the early photos were taken with a film camera, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of looking through negatives. I used whatever photos I had.

I trimmed the photos to 3×4 and used a corner rounding punch.

One photo per name badge holder:

3x4 album sorting photos


Then I selected patterned papers or Project Life cards to coordinate with each, along with any other embellishments I thought might match:

3x4 album sorting papers


The Journaling

Each facing page contains a simple journaling card:

3x4 album pumpkin

3x4 album princess

3x4 album cowboy journaling

I won’t post all of them; you get the idea.

The last section contains a few photos of the kids with their trick-or-treat stash, pumpkin carving, and some extra pages for future photos.

3x4 album pumpkin carving


I was also able to use a Polaroid photo from nearly 10 years ago. I trimmed a regular page protector (the corner section), and punched holes. I still can’t believe it fit.

3x4 album polaroid


And that’s my album. :)

  • KayJay

    This is *really* cool. It’d be fun to do with the wallet size school photos (mounted on PP or CS), or a senior pics album for a graduate’s circle of friends.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Ooh that is a GREAT idea!

  • Maggie

    Absolutely darling! What a great idea!

  • http://pintester.com/ Pintester

    So cute!

  • bridgetfoust


  • Heather

    So very cute! Love this! I’ve often looked at those badge holders and thought “Hmmmmmmm….”…lol

  • Lisa Moorefield

    Thanks, everyone! :)

  • http://www.elizabethdillow.typepad.com edillow

    Awesome. As always!

  • http://www.raptormama.com RaptorMama

    This is fantastic! I think I might just have to make one of these. :)

  • Jennilyn

    wow- I actually bought these badge holders the other day- BUT TO ACTUALLY USE AS BADGES- LOL. Nothing as brilliant as this! so many different ways to use it!

  • Judy

    LISA this is amazing…. really…. I started displaying my kids photos in frames around my house during the fall… because no one ever looks in the scrapbooks.. this would be a fun way to display them as well….. thank you so much for your great inspiration……

  • Lisa Moorefield

    Thanks, everyone! :)

  • Heather

    Super cute! I made a simple one using a 4×6 photo album. I included pics of my and my husband’s childhood costumes as well, so I have photos dating back to the early 1980’s! It’s one of my favorite albums. :)

  • eve

    you’re amazing, i’ll definitely gonna try this