One Little Word 2013: Focus

OLW 2013 focus

In lieu of making resolutions, I have selected one little word to serve as my guide throughout the year: focus.

(If you’re not familiar with the One Little Word concept, you can read more about it here and here.)

I believe the word focus sums up what I want and need right now. I’ve developed a bad habit of trying to do too many things at once and not always finishing what I start. I begin projects with enthusiasm and good intentions, but somewhere along the way I get frustrated, lose interest or get distracted. This year, I will remind myself to focus on finishing what I start, focus on organizing one thing at a time, focus on what is important to me, and even focus on taking more photos (see how I got all clever there?).

So when I start organizing a room and get sidetracked on Pinterest for two hours and then get discouraged because my room doesn’t look like it came from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, I will take a deep breath… and remind myself to focus.

What’s your one little word for 2013?



  • tiffany h.

    Just found your website and love what I’ve read so far! I can’t wait to go back into the archives and read more. Focus is my word for 2013 as well. I hope to see future posts from you on how you’re living with ‘focus’ this year.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Thank you so much! I will be sure to include some “focus” updates; please let me know how you are doing with it, too.

  • Andie

    I also just found your website and am really enjoying it. My OLW for 2013 is SIMPLIFY. I need to get back to basics, get organized and weed out all the unnecessary junk I’ve accumulated and don’t use!!! Enjoyed you Scrap Diet post! Looking forward to more! Thanks!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Thanks so much! My last OLW was simplify. :)

  • Gypsy Chaos

    My 2011 word was ‘act’. I wandered away in May when Ali’s assignment was to ummm write an action plan [ironic much?] to do one of the things we’d identified earlier.
    I didn’t select a word for 2012.
    I WANT a word for 2013. But I’m not finding one, and a word hasn’t leaped at me, demanding attention, yet.

    I LOVE <3 the crosshairs in your O. Yup, that's focus. ;)

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Thanks! I didn’t select a word last year and I survived. :) Before that, it was “simplify.” Good luck on your word search!