Product Review: BasicGrey Capture

Product Review BasicGrey Capture

The scrapbooking angels have brought forth a new line of products made especially for small album scrapbookers: BasicGrey’s Capture.

BasicGrey calls this new program scrap journaling: a mix of tabbed pages, cardstock pages, divided page protectors, pockets and embellishments. It’s wonderful!

I will try to suppress my enthusiasm in order to provide a fair and unbiased review [deep breath].


BasicGrey Capture

Where to find photos and details of each product: BasicGrey blog.

Where to find ideas for using the products: BasicGrey blog – Capture category.

Where to buy the products: BasicGreyTwo Peas in a Bucket and other online retailers, and Archivers.

BasicGrey Capture Imagination

7×9 Journaling Binder

(Following the format of my previous Small Scrapbook Album Review)

  • album: 8.75″ x 10″ smooth chipboard
  • spine: 2″, slick paper covered, adhesive metal bookplate sold separately
  • inside: smooth chipboard and kraft paper (inside spine)
  • rings: standard round 3-ring, compatible with other 3-hole products
  • pages: 7 x 9
  • price: $19
  • included: album, 10 inserts, 8 divided page protectors
  • other album colors/styles available? yes
  • can you buy additional page protectors? yes
  • other inserts/pockets available? yes – lots of choices
  • available at: BasicGreyTwo Peas in a Bucket and other online scrapbook stores, and Archiver’s

BasicGrey inside

BasicGrey album bottom

BasicGrey page protector

4×6 fits perfectly – no gap

This album is not the same as BasicGrey’s first 7×9 album (the one I reviewed in April 2013). In my opinion, there have been many improvements.

The inside spine of the album is covered with kraft paper to match the chipboard, and the rings have thumb tabs to make them easier to open. The previous album was thick, embossed chipboard (which I liked), but this album’s smooth, not-as-thick chipboard is probably more versatile because you can easily embellish it. The weight is about the same as Simple Stories albums.

The page protectors are heavy weight, also about the same as Simple Stories. And 4×6 photos fit perfectly, without leaving a gap on the side. This is the first divided page protector I’ve found that doesn’t leave a gap in the 4×6 pocket! Great news for us flat scrappers.

The 3×4 pockets are slightly narrower than 3×4 – about 2 7/8″ x 4. Project Life cards will fit but they are snug. And of course BasicGrey’s cards (which are quite lovely) fit. Bulky embellishments would need to be added to the outside of the page protector rather than on the card (I saw this idea on the BasicGrey blog). The page protectors with 3×3 openings are perfect for Instagram prints.

There is an adhesive metal label/bookplate available as well. I plan to add it to my album spine since all of my other small albums have one. The adhesive is not just around the metal – there’s a white paper behind the metal label and the adhesive backing is on all of it, the paper and the metal. In other words, it looks like it’s going to stick and not fall off the album.


Binder Accessories

There are lots of choices and all of them are fabulous. Plus, everything coordinates, so you can’t go wrong no matter what you pick.

capture contents

I think the theme packs are my favorite. They include a little of everything: die cuts, 3×4 cards, 4×6 cards, label stickers and small letter stickers (one sheet of lower case, one of upper case, and they are different colors). The items fit in the clear pocket so you can store them in your album.

BasicGrey Capture Waterfall ThemeBasicGrey pockets


The calendar pocket pages are also nice, and they are different colors. It would be a good way to store mementos or kids’ drawings every month. Or use in a baby’s first year album. Lots of possibilities… I haven’t decided how I want to use them yet!

BasicGrey calendar pockets


Okay, I’m not going to list every item… just check out all the greatness on BasicGrey. Oh, and I’ve given up on being impartial – it’s all so pretty! I love these products!


5×7 Spiral-Bound Album

This album is adorable!  The pages have a mix-and-match feel: different sizes and shapes, and pockets, too. There are two different styles, plus one in the Carte Postale collection.

BasicGrey Capture Spiral Ledger

This is what it looks like inside:

BasicGrey spiral notebook

Kind of like a Smash book, only smaller. My 12-year old daughter begged to keep this album, so it looks like I’ll be buying one for her. I’m mentioning it because if you’re looking for an small album for tweens or teens, this is it.


See a complete list of products on BasicGrey, and detailed photos on the BasicGrey blog. All of the inserts and embellishments I’ve tried are really nice and look the same in person as they do online.


So what makes Capture worth buying?

  • The 7×9 albums are standard small 3-ring size, which means you can mix and match with other standard 3-hole stuff if you want.
  • The page protectors have true 4×6 openings. No gap.
  • There are little theme packs with cards, label stickers, die cuts and small letter stickersSmall letter stickers!
  • There are lots of coordinating products: pocket inserts, journal inserts, sticky notes, pads, a tracing ruler, stickers, die cuts, transparencies, 3×4 cards, 4×6 cards, an adhesive metal bookplate for the spine, library pockets and more. Everything you need (and didn’t know you needed) is available.
  • Embellishments can be stored in the album if you want, which is handy if you’re traveling or just want to keep everything together.
  • And, of course, the designs are beautiful.


I can’t wait to get started on some pages!

  • Keely

    The Basic Grey Capture product line is also available at Archivers. Thanks for your review!!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Oh thanks! I didn’t know Archivers had it. I’ll update my post. :)

      • Juanita

        Thanks for the review, love your blog!

  • Kelly Vandermolen

    i love my capture album and have already made plans for several more!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I’m glad you like it, too!

  • Debra

    Hi Lisa,
    It sounds lovely, and fun too! I’d heard of their Capture line, but thought it was a regular line, not a divided page protectors/album line. Pocket scrapping is just so fab!
    Have a great day – loved the graphic at the top of your post again, always do.

  • Debbie

    What a great looking album. Thank you for the review!

  • Maggie

    Yes! Mini album pages for us flat scrappers!

    Thanks for the review! I’ll definitely be checking these out.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I hope you like them as much as I do!

  • Mary Rogers

    Hi Lisa! great review. I just started my Capture Album (hybrid) for keeping track of my favorite photos each month. As much as I love the Project Life concept I haven’t committed to it this year – so this was a perfect alternative.

    It was fun to play with paper again (it has been about 5 years!!) – my album was featured on the BasicGrey blog yesterday!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Hi Mary! I saw your album on the blog and it is fabulous! I recognized your work before I ever saw your name. ;)

  • Shara Meredith

    Lisa, This is a fabulous post! Even though I’m not with BG anymore I’m so glad you loved this amazing program!!! Thanks for reviewing this program for them.