Star Wars Scrapbooking / R2D2 Craft


Star Wars Day and National Scrapbook Day are both on May 4th this year. Coincidence? I think not.

To celebrate my son’s enjoyment of Star Wars, I made an R2D2 craft / scrapbook page. It measures approximately 5.5″ x 8.5″ and the back uses a 4×6 photo:

r2d2 front and back

This simple design can easily be adapted for a kids craft using construction paper, glue stick and markers.



  • white, silver and blue cardstock
  • small red, white and black brads
  • 4×6 photo
  • glue stick
  • sewing machine & thread


R2D2 Craft Tutorial:

1. Body: The back is simply a 4×6 photo; I added text before printing. The front design was created using text boxes in Word, some outlined with light gray.

The free fonts I used:

  • Star Jedi for the Star Wars logo. There are several variations in the download; I used starjedi.ttf – the @ symbol is the “Star Wars” logo.
  • Steelfish for journaling.
  • MEgalopolis Extra for “R2-D2” on the photo. It looks similar to Star Jedi but with more spacing. FYI: My son informed me that R2-D2 has a hyphen. Good to know.

Print the text onto white cardstock. Trim to 4×6, leaving a little room at the top for attaching the head. Add small cardstock pieces and/or sewing if desired.

Microsoft Word - star wars.docx

2. Head: For the rounded head shape, find something round that you can trace onto the silver cardstock – I used a large mug. Cut the circle in half. Glue on pieces of blue cardstock. Add sewing if desired, and pull threads to the back. Attach brads.

r2d2 head pieces


3. Arms: Cut four 1″ x 6″ strips of white cardstock. Cut four 1.5″ x 1.5″ square pieces of white cardstock. To make trapezoid shapes with the square pieces, mark 1″ with a pencil and trim as shown below. Or just “eyeball” it.

You can also cut another trapezoid shape for R2-D2’s middle leg if you like.

r2d2 arm trim

r2d2 arm supplies

Glue 2 arm pieces back-to-back. Glue 2 trapezoid pieces to the arms. I glued the trapezoid pieces about 1/2″ below the arm, for a total arm length of 6.5″.

r2d2 arm assembly

Sew around the edge. You don’t need to sew the side that will be covered by the body.

r2d2 arm sewing

4. Assemble: Glue the body onto the arms – the body will be about 1/2″ higher. I used a cutting mat to help keep the arms and body straight and even.

Then glue the photo to the back, making sure the bottom edges line up. My photo was slightly shorter than 4×6 but it was still covered by the head.

Finally, glue on the head, front and back.

r2d2 assembly

5. Sew: Sew around the edges of the head and the body. I used a zig-zag stitch on the head, and a straight stitch on the body.

r2d2 body final

r2d2 head final

6. Display: For a scrapbook page, punch holes in the side (arm).


May the 4th be with you…

  • Lynn

    Brilliant. HUGE – Star Wars fan…have been since the franchise first appeared back in the 70s. I love your creative design, imaginative stitching and GREAT picture. George Lucas would be proud!