ScrAPPbooking: 12 Useful Scrapbooking Apps


“I can do this while we’re on vacation!”

My daughter Scarlett was very excited when I showed her a new photo app. I didn’t have to explain how to use it (she’s 12, and apparently all 12-year olds know how to use all apps instantly).

“And you can print these out and put them in a little scrapbook just for me!” she suggested.

She’s onto something, I thought. ScrAPPbooking.

So we downloaded and tested lots of apps on an iPad and/or iPhone. Photo filters, collages, text editing, journaling, and anything that might be useful for scrapbooking. Asking a 12-year old girl to download and test apps? Best Mom of the Year Award right here.

12 Useful Scrapbooking Apps (in no particular order):


app a beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess


Available for iPhone & iPad.

Photo editing app that comes with 6 photo filters (3 of which are black and white), a few fonts, borders, phrases and doodles. Additional fonts, borders, phrases and doodles are available for $0.99 each. The photos are cropped to a square and are saved to the iPhoto Library.

The doodles and fun fonts are what makes this app different from others.

Scarlett made these in just a few minutes:

app beautiful mess 1 app beautiful mess 2

She also made a “template” for listing her favorites:

app beautiful mess 3 app beautiful mess 4

Note: You can’t move or delete a layer once you hit the checkmark. So if you change your mind about something, you have to start over. I’m hoping this will be changed in a future revision (it’s a new app).



app instagram



Available for iPhone (but works on iPad) and Android.

Photo filters, square photos. You need an account, and you can also follow other Instagram accounts (like mine).

instagram tulips



app pictapgo

Pic Tap Go


Available for iPhone (but works on iPad also).

Photo filters. I was hesitant to buy this app because I thought it was going to be just like Instagram. But Pic Tap Go has way more filters, and the ability to layer, compare and undo them. You don’t need an account and the final photo can be saved to your iPhoto Library or sent to your Facebook or Instagram account.

pictapgo screenshot

I really like being able to compare the “before & after” images: after you’ve selected a filter, you can hold your finger on the left side of the image and the original image will appear. Or hold your finger on the right side to see what the previous filter looked like. So you can quickly see if you liked the filter better or not.

Example photo:

pictapgo example



app collect



Available for iPhone (but works on iPad also).

Photo calendar. Add a photo each day, along with any notes. Capture Your 365 has lots of photo-a-day ideas. If you’re trying to take more everyday photos (like me), this is a great app for reminding you.

collect screenshot 1

 And you can save it to your photo library and print it out:

collect screenshot 2



app catch



Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Journal. I wanted an app for jotting down cute things the kids said, things we did on family vacation, etc. Nothing too fancy or complicated – just something I can refer to when I’m making a scrapbook page. This app was our favorite of all the ones we tried.

Type journaling notes, add photos, and make a voice recording. Instead of typing, I can just just talk into my phone! You can add categories and hashtags to help sort your notes. Visit the Catch website for more info. We just downloaded the app and started playing with it, though.



app aviary



Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Photo editing. It’s very easy to use, and you can adjust saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, add filters, crop photos and much more.



app phonto



Available for iPhone & iPad and Android.

Text editor. Tap the photo to add text. Change the font, size and color.



app walgreens



Available for iPhoneiPad and Android.

Upload photos to have printed to your local Walgreens. Edit & crop photos (it uses Aviary), and print from Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve used the app several times and my photos were ready within 10 minutes. They looked great – the only downside is that the photo paper wasn’t very thick.

If you don’t have a Walgreens, try another photo printing app such as ShutterflyCVSSnapfish, (which can print to Wal-Mart), or LifePics (which can print to many local stores).


For the following photo, I used Aviary to resize the image to 4×6 (instead of the original 4×5.3 digital size), Phonto to add text, and Walgreens to have it printed. Click here to see more of the 4×6 scrapbook.




app moldiv



Available for iPhone & Pad.

Photo collage maker. Arrange photos, zoom, change border size and style, add text, change background, and more. Great scrapbooking app – very versatile!

Some examples:

modiv 1         moldiv 2



app iFont Maker

iFont Maker


Available for iPad.

Make your own fonts with an iPad and a stylus. Then use the fonts for journaling on your scrapbook pages. It’s a great way to add your handwriting without worrying about making mistakes. You can also make your own doodles and dingbats instead of letters.

app handwriting

See Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font for lots more information and screenshots.



app halftone



Available for iPhone & iPad.

Make your photos look like comics. Add word bubbles and captions.

My 9-year old made this one with a photo from the aquarium:

alligator comic






Available for iPhone & iPad and Android.

Collect and organize inspiration. Add your favorite scrapbook pages, pretty colors, designs, sketches, scrapbook organizing ideas, etc. Name your boards whatever you want, and follow people or boards that inspire you. Here’s mine.

Also try Two Peas in a Bucket and Layout a Day (both free and available for iPhone) for more inspiration.






Available for iPhone & iPad.

Type and print journaling from your device. Pages is kind of like Microsoft Word with only basic abilities (formatting). But it’s way better than just a “notes” app that you can’t format at all. You can change fonts, margins, columns, line spacing, etc., and print directly from your iPad/iPhone to a wireless printer.

Documents can also be shared on iCloud and opened & edited on your computer in Word. So you can type journaling notes on the go, then do the fancy Word editing at home on your computer.


(Note: the Rhonna Designs app was released after this post; it is included in ScrAPPbooking, Part 2).


And those are our favorite scrapbooking apps (so far). What are your favorites?

Click here for ScrAPPbooking, Part 2
  • Bridget Foust

    Love this!!!

  • Debbie

    Thank you for sharing this. I have few of these, will look at a few others. I’m not 12 and struggle. I am inspired to learn seeing your children’s creations.

  • Debra

    Thank you, will check them out!

  • Hearthandmadeuk

    You should download line camera and signote, they’re good’

    • Lisa Moorefield

      I will look into those! Thanks!

  • michellep28269

    Thanks for this post Lisa. Just installed Catch on my Kindle and iPhone – I love that I can share info between the 2 . Keeping up with the memorable everyday moments in my head is impossible – love that you found us an app designed to help with that! I wonder how it will work to reference ideas I pin too like 3rd B-day party ideas. I’d love to hear more about your experiences :-)

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Thanks! I’ll be sure to update the post after I’ve used the app more and learned some tips & tricks.

  • Danielle Taylor

    The Layout a Day app is a great free iphone app for daily scrapbooking inspiration! Very handy for that daily jolt to get creative!

  • anel

    try picsart!!!

  • Joanne Marcinek

    Wow! Terrific List. Thank you compiling it.

  • Christel

    Thank you for the reviews and list of apps that are useful for scrapbooking. I have downloaded a few of these to try them out. I cannot find the Collect all in the App Store and found out through a Google search that it’s no longer available.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Oh that’s a shame. It’s a good app – I wonder why it’s no longer available? Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update this post and look for another app that’s similar. :)

  • Christel

    *app (not all).