Simple 4×6 Scrapbook

summer album cover

This is a little scrapbook that holds mementos from last summer’s trips and activities. I gathered brochures, postcards, ticket stubs and other items during our summer adventures, selected and printed a few favorite photos, and put them all together in a 4×6 spiral-bound notebook. Simple and easy.

There was no “worrying” about scrapbooking lots of vacation pages or where to put all the brochures when the trips were over. The album was finished quickly and the kids have looked through it several times (unlike in the past where vacation photos and postcards were never seen again…).

One of the fun things about this album is that I used apps to edit my photos and type journaling. Those long car rides are a great time to edit and type. And with all the new apps this year, I’m sure to have even more fun with the next album!

summer album side


Here are a few pages from the inside:

4x6 summer - inside front cover


4x6 summer - first page


4x6 summer - camping page


4x6 summer - aquarium page


4x6 summer - journaling


4x6 summer - pool party page



4x6 summer - map page


4x6 summer - fountain page


4x6 summer - brochures


4x6 summer - niagara falls


4x6 summer - last page


4x6 summer - inside back cover

Note: I used A Beautiful Mess app to add text and arrows to the above photos.



4×6 Scrapbook / Notebook

I used a 4×6 spiral-bound chipboard notebook (mine was a seminar freebie; try a 4×6 sketchbook) and a Zutter Bind-It-All (with space bar) for punching the holes.

The Bind-It-All is a little pricey ($50), but I decided to buy it because I knew I would create more projects like this in the future. And the kids can make albums, too. I got my Bind-It-All from Amazon, and I have also seen it at Hobby Lobby. It took a little practice to get the hang of using it – I had to punch holes on part of the page, then slide the paper down and punch the remaining holes. And make sure they were all lined up the same. It gets easy after practice.

Other album options: a simple 4×6 photo album (insert pages into the sleeves instead of punching holes)Smash Book, or 6×8 album.

For this project, I gently pulled apart the wire to remove the covers and pages, then used the same wire to bind my pages.

summer album before


4×6 Photos

I cropped the photos to 4×6 using Aviary app, added text with Phonto app, and uploaded them for printing with Walgreens app.

I did not want to print these photos at home because they wouldn’t be in page protectors. I figured the ones printed at a lab would hold up to fingerprints better. The Walgreens photos look good but the photo paper is a little thinner than I like. Since many of these photos are glued back-to-back, thickness really isn’t an issue.

4x6 summer - scarlett

Postcards, brochures, ticket stubs and other memorabilia

…trimmed to 4×6 or smaller. Added benefit of collecting postcards on trips: the kids look for postcards at souvenir shops instead of trinkets.

Paper trimmer

…for cutting everything to 4×6 or smaller.

Cardstock and letter stickers

…for the cover and a few inside journaling pages.


For the cover, I used a sewing machine to stitch on top of the letter stickers for extra adhesion. I glued the finished cardstock page to the chipboard cover using Mod Podge.

On the inside pages, I used glue stick & sticky tabs. Keep in mind that some pages/photos will need to be glued back-to-back since there are no page protectors.

summer cover sewing



I used Aviary, Phonto and Walgreens for the photos, and Pages for journaling. See 12 Useful Scrapbooking Apps for more.


I finished this 4×6 scrapbook in a few days. It was so easy!

Even if you prefer the traditional 12×12 scrapbook, a 4×6 scrapbook could be made for the kids. Let them collect postcards and take photos, and bind everything at the end of the trip (or use a 4×6 photo album). There are lots of possibilities!

  • Kathleen S.

    Very efficient way to use memorabilia — and to reduce it to the meaningful bits. Liked your use of postcards, too. Clever scrapper!

  • A FLgirl

    If you only want to do this project occasionally, you can take your pages to a big box office supplies store and have them do it for you. Love this idea.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Great idea! I didn’t even think of office supply stores. Thanks!

  • stace

    This is awesome Lisa!

  • Christine

    Thanks for making me a stick figure in the pool!

    • Lisa Moorefield

      LOL Christine – you’re welcome!