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he layout close up

Making a List (and Checking it Twice)

I’m a list maker. To do lists, shopping lists, idea lists, color coded lists, handwritten lists… I could make a list of the lists I make. Instead, I made a list of ways to incorporate lists into scrapbooking (still with me?): 1. Jump start journaling. When you’re having trouble getting started on a story, can’t […] Read more…

pluto front

Small Circle Layouts, in honor of Pluto

Pluto may have been demoted from planet status in the universe, but he will forever live as a planet in my scrapbook. The design was inspired by a Land of Nod pillow. I created the journaling in Microsoft Word, but I would recommend using Photoshop (just follow these easy directions or search online for additional tutorials and videos). […] Read more…

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