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2012 year in review postcard

Year in Review | Layouts Using 16+ Photos

As the year draws to a close, “year in review” is popping up everywhere: Facebook, news, magazines, scrapbooking and more. Here are a few ideas for creating an end-of-year scrapbook layout using lots of small photos: 1. Contact Sheet For the 2012 layout above, I created a contact sheet in iPhoto (print > contact sheet […] Read more…

black and white photoshop

Converting Photos to Black & White: Photoshop vs. Apps

Can a photo be successfully converted to black & white with an app? First let me address why anyone would convert a perfectly good color snapshot to black & white. Personally, I like the timeless look. They’re also great for scrapbooking because black & white photos go with everything. However, my reasons for converting the […] Read more…