I Tried Walgreens Instagram Printing

walgreens instagram printing

The Walgreens app has a “quick prints” option – you can easily print photos from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, or your phone. I tried the Instagram printing option.

Apps Needed:

Walgreens App (free) and Instagram account (free, iPhone/iPad or Android)


4″ x 4″ is the only option. (Dear Walgreens: Please make 3×3 or 2×2 available). My prints were slightly wider than 4-inch – see examples below.


$0.39 per print (note: 4×6 prints are $0.20 each)

Ordering Process (Fast and Easy):

  1. Open Walgreens app
  2. Choose Photos > Instagram
  3. Enter your Instagram username and password
  4. Check the photos you wish to have printed
  5. Choose the Walgreens location where you’d like to pick up the prints
  6. Enter your name, phone number and email address
  7. You will receive a confirmation email, then another email when your order is ready.

Wait Time:

My prints were ready in 20 minutes.

Paper Quality:

Glossy finish, same weight as the 4×6 prints I’ve ordered from Walgreens.

Print Quality:

  • The colors on the prints looked just like they did on my Instagram screen.
  • The Instagram frames that had a textured look also had a textured look in the photo.
  • The frames were not even on all sides. Since the prints were not exactly 4-inch square, the tops and bottoms of the frames were skinnier. Some frames were also not even on the sides.
  • Prints without Instagram frames looked fine.
  • Keep in mind that the prints are larger than a phone screen, so if the image looks blurry or grainy on your phone, it will look even more so on the print.

Example of Instagram Image vs. Walgreens Print:

(Note: In person, the print colors match the Instagram image shown)

instagram yorktown

instagram yorktown measure

instagram close up corner

Another Example:

instagram beach

instagram beach measurement


Pros: The ordering process was fast and easy. The colors on the print looked like the Instagram image on my screen.

Cons: The prints were not exactly 4×4″ square, and the Instagram frames were therefore not even on all sides.

I would order the Walgreens Instagram prints again.

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  • Bridget

    Thanks for posting that! I didn’t know about it until reading your post. :)

  • KJK

    Have you tried just printing regular 4×6 pics from Walgreens? I was lured in by their coupons, and will never, ever do it again. I’m still a large format (12×12) scrapper, and often want to put 2 pics side-by-side and expect it to measure 12″ wide. Not with Walgreens prints, though. Every. single. one of them that I got back was 4×5-7/8. That 1/8″ adds up a LOT when going across a 2 page spread.

    • Lisa Moorefield

      Thanks for the info! I had 4×6 printed there last summer – I went back and measured and they are exactly 4×6. I wonder if each store is different? Or each batch of photos?

      • KJK

        I ordered online and had them delivered by mail. Maybe it’s different in stores? I ordered twice and they were both short-sized (I didn’t notice the first before I ordered the second. Ugh.) Glad you had better luck!!

        • Lisa Moorefield

          Oh that’s interesting – I didn’t think about mail vs. in store. How disappointing that they are not consistent sizes. :(

  • TracieClaiborne

    I’m going to try this! I dislike Walgreens printing for all my photos but for a few Instagrams I want to use for a project, this is a great option. I go to my Walgreens so often, they know me there. (Not the photo lab…just the cashiers and pharmacists.) Thanks for the great review!