Year in Review | Layouts Using 16+ Photos

2012 year in review postcard

As the year draws to a close, “year in review” is popping up everywhere: Facebook, news, magazines, scrapbooking and more.

Here are a few ideas for creating an end-of-year scrapbook layout using lots of small photos:

1. Contact Sheet

For the 2012 layout above, I created a contact sheet in iPhoto (print > contact sheet > customize) from an album of 20 favorite 2012 photos. You can use lots more photos if you wish; simply adjust the columns to fit them all onto one page.

When I was finished customizing, I saved the contact sheet as a PDF file rather than printing, then opened the file in Photoshop for more editing.

To get a mix of color and black & white photos, I created a duplicate layer in Photoshop and converted the duplicate layer to black & white. Then I used the rectangular marquee tool to select and delete individual photos (the black and white portion gets deleted, revealing the color layer underneath).

2. Instagram Prints

Persnickety Prints has free Instagram templates for Photoshop, including the one I used here:

2012 instagram photos

3. Collage Prints

Walgreens offers collage prints with up to 20 photos – easy to create online and ready to pick up the same day.

4. Circle Punch

Punch out a selection of photos and line them up. This “random photos” layout was created way back when I used a film camera and had a lot of prints. A circle punch was a great way to include some small photos that would have otherwise not made it onto a layout. Published in Woman’s Day Scrapbooking, October 2005.

random photos layout

5. Holiday Cards

Check out “year in review” card designs and bookmark some websites for next year’s holiday cards (be sure to keep one for your scrapbook). Tiny Prints has a great selection, including the Aiming High card, Happy Highlights card and Iconic Year card.


What are your highlights from 2012?

  • Robbie Foust

    I’m probably the last person on earth who hasn’t really gotten into instagram.

  • Lisa Moorefield

    I love Instagram!

    • Gypsy Chaos

      What do you love about Instagram? I think I’m missing something, because I haven’t been fascinated like everyone else I know.

      • Lisa Moorefield

        I like the filters. I use Instagram to share photos on Facebook. If I have an everyday photo (like from iPhone) that I want to share, I can just open Instagram, pick a filter and share it quickly, and my photos look more fun!