5 Fascinating Content Ideas To Post On IGTV Channel

IGTV platform on Instagram has been growing slowly. It is the latest addition on Instagram, which allows the users to shoot long-form videos. To post videos on IGTV, you must have a channel like an Instagram profile. Instagram TV is one of the great marketing tools, which provides plenty of benefits to marketers. You can build brand awareness and trust, connect with your existing customers and with potential followers. With the help of lengthy videos, you can create engaging content to promote your business, brands effectively. Posting interesting content on Instagram TV is essential to withstand your presence and to hold an engagement rate. 

Here, you are going to see a few exciting content ideas to enhance your IGTV channel. 

Let’s get started,

Idea:1 Invite Your Audience 

Creating an intro video for your IGTV channel will be a perfect one to invite your new visitors. In these videos, you can clearly explain what your channel is about and what people can expect from your channel. It is almost like a welcoming video to your channel. So, new visitors will get aware of your channel, your style, and your behavior. Once you finish your intro videos, then you can start uploading. 

Come Up With Instagram TV Series 

Do you post videos frequently on Instagram TV? Well, creating Series will help you to maintain a constant presence. If you post an exciting series on Instagram TV, it regularly influences your audience to come back to your channel. Relying on your business, you can select your concepts or ideas for your channel. The Series will attain Instagram TV views and get more engagement. Try posting the comedy series, love, which will bring more audience to your channel. Also, you can share tips or hacks that you find useful to your audience. Once you start a series, post regularly, stick with the same time and day, let your audience know your posting time.

Answer All Your Audience Question 

To receive more engagement, you can bring your audience together to create engaging content. First, try to gather all those questions from your audience; you can use question stickers and polls to collect queries. You need to pick a question that is interesting and influences your business. Then answer all those selected questions and upload them to your channel. Make sure your videos are engaging and pour some humor, jokes in your video. Trust me; it will work very well. People love to get back your answers to their questions. 

Share Your Day-To-Day Happenings  

What about the DML concept, its currently on social media. In the DML video, you can share all your happenings on that particular day. Like what’s your routine, your work, how you balance your work and your life. Moreover, you can use this video to promote your business or brands. It helps to promote your products or brands indirectly, which looks organic. For instance, if you’re promoting skincare products, you can bring your skincare routine concept in your DML video. In that way, you can promote your products. 

Bloopers & Behind-The-Scenes

People expect perfect editing, the theme on pictures post, but when it comes to videos, maximum bloopers, unscripted content is winning more. So, don’t waste your bloopers; post it after your edited videos. It will attract more engagement and audience attention. As like, bloopers, behind-the-scenes are also high-performing content. You can share behind-the-scenes regularly to give daily updates of your happenings to your audience. 

Winding Up

Well, Instagram TV is one of the best online video platforms. I think you all know how important video content is on social media. It will bring tons of engagement to your content, so make use of IGTV for your business. I believe that this article will assist you in building fascinating content for your IGTV channel.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.