At least once, everyone has heard about the app TikTok by this time. It is one of the most successful social media apps since created ever since. Millions and hundreds of youngs’ minds were conquered by it because of its edgy appeal and popularity. TikTok made Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook afraid because of its wild rapid growth and incredible expansion came as a real surprise for all of us. TikTok apps are a very popular phenomenon and get real TikTok likes for your creativity content . It is the most successful ever created social media app as a single app.  When differently makes, it is one of the main facts that the social media video app TikTok app is not an invention on American, even though some 60 million of the TikTok users are Americans, and they are very crazy about app TikTok. 


The concept of the TikTok app is very easy; it is a 15-second video, which is all performing by people all over the world, for what they like. The essence feature of the TikTok app is gamification. The gamification is absent on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Where you follow inner circle people primarily that you have known already, unlike it TikTok, browsing is crazy and simple. It unites people all over the world make you laugh loudly. The appealing of the TikTok app is the younger audience. Though the users are the majority are from China and India, it has been widely and praised used by more than Americans with 40 million, especially the forerunners of GenZ and teens. 


Technically, TikTok is not a US company, but the American user’s data amount is enormous. A key to being viral is being like a way for self-replicating advertised for free like-virus. But the very one quality app is TikTok, the much more different functions do not compromise its performance and quality for a lot of users. Compare the TikTok to Instagram, Facebook, that went down this year every month. Too much attention is attracted by the TikTok of its Millenials and GenZ appeal. The ability of the short videos to add visual effects and add sounds on TikTok to complete challenges and flash mobs make the social media network engaging. All around the people in the world since ie, connects the people. Freely allows the sharing of emotions and expressions.