Instagram was launched in 2010. Instagram is one of the highly engaged and fastest-growing social media platforms. While Instagram started as a place to share visual content, it has climbed to the top of social media marketing. In 2017, 70% of the business had accounts on Instagram. Compared to 2016, it is more than doubled(48.8%).

Instagram also boasts:

  • One billion active users
  • 800 million active monthly users
  • 500 million active daily users
  • More than 40B pictures posted to date
  • Around 3.6B likes daily
  • More than 60% of the users log in every day
  • 59% of the users are in the U.S. in 18 – 29 years old, it making the platform the heavy millennial platform


Having a business profile on Instagram allows you to add your business category types and gain access to Instagram insights like reach, engagement, and impressions on all of your stories and posts. 

Stories feature of Instagram allows you to upload short videos from/ snapshots of your companies. You can share stories as much as you want with more creativity. You can bring your story to life in new and creative ways with drawing tools and text tools. The videos and photos will disappear after 24 hours. If you do not want your story to disappear, you can add it to Instagram highlights. 


Instagram lets you switch seamlessly between multiple Instagram accounts (personal Instagram account or Instagram business account) continuously without having to log in and log out all the time. To switch between accounts, go to your profile page and press the respective logo at the right-hand corner/ bottom of your screen.


If you are launching a new fundraising campaign, your product page on a website, landing page on a website, or you have blog content, add a link directing audiences to your site. You should also direct audiences to the “link in bio” to support your cause or donate in your stories or captions.


Following the blog of Instagram is one of the best ways to stay up to date on all of the best practices and new features on Instagram. For all things’ install’, check out the blog on Instagram, and for announcements, tips, and updates on business accounts, follow the Instagram business blog. 

Instagram photos are getting more likes(36%) than its videos, but Instagram videos gain more comments than Instagram photos. You can save your precious time when you schedule out posts ahead of time. Hashtags play the main role in any successful social media strategy. 

  If you are just getting started with hashtags, just follow the basic steps:

  •  Come up with branded hashtags for your specific campaign.
  •  Use community hashtags
  •  Keep it simple and to the point. 

If you want to use your hashtags in your posts’ caption, just follow the below steps:

  • Open your notepad on your mobile
  • each on a separate line, type out five periods, 
  • type out all of the hashtags on the sixth line for your photo
  • Copy all of this text
  • Paste this text into a comment on your video, photo, and post
  • Refresh the photo

 Use Instagram’s search feature to check which hashtags are the most trending and most popular. The desktop size of Instagram allows you to view your profile page, view your feed page, see overall engagement, and comment on your posts. But posting photos or videos is restricted on Instagram’s desktop site. But you can buy automatic Instagram likes for your content  just by shop Instagram likes from us . You will get a notification when others tag you in their posts.


IGTV feature is a video-based application by Instagram. IGTV is also known as Instagram TV, which is developed for iOS and Android smartphones. Instagram TV allows the users to make longer videos compared to the Instagram feeds. While Instagram TV is obtainable as a part of the Instagram Website and Instagram app, it is also attainable as a stand-alone application.

Essentially IGTV or Instagram TV is the answer of Instagram to YouTube and to a strategy to distinguish Instagram from the social media platform TikTok. Buy Instagram TV views for your videos at a low cost. IGTV is specially created for the mobile-adjusted viewing of lengthy form-type videos. Any users can put up their IGTV channel and upload video content up to one hour long. 


LENGTH: The video length of IGTV should be between fifteen seconds to ten minutes. However, the verified and larger accounts can upload lengthy-form videos with a video length of up to sixty minutes. But the video must be posted from a desktop/ computer, not from a phone.

FORMAT: the file format of IGTV videos should be MP4.

DIMENSION: the videos for IGTV should be in a vertical format with a 9:16 ratio. However, the users of the IGTV app can only watch the horizontal videos in full-screen mode by just flipping their smartphones.

SIZE: for videos, the maximum size of the file for videos up to sixty minutes is 5.4 GB, and for the videos that are ten minutes and or less than 650 MB.

CONTENT: the videos on IGTV will be removed that do not follow the Community Guidelines of Instagram.


Uploading videos on IGTV from Instagram:

  • Tap the button “+” on the base middle of your Instagram news feed.
  • Pick out a video of sixty seconds length or more and then tap on “next.”
  • Choose to share as long videos and then tap on the “continue” option.

Choose the cover picture for your video from a picture from your gallery of an existing choice, and then tap on the “next” option. Once you upload, you cannot edit the cover picture, so before uploading the video, ensure it is perfect.


Tap the button “+” on the upper right-hand side corner of the screen.

Pick out a video of sixty seconds length or more and then tap on “next.”

Choose the cover picture for your video from a picture from your gallery of an existing choice, and then tap on the “next” option. Once you upload, you cannot edit the cover picture, so before uploading the video, ensure it is perfect.

Enter the title for the video and description for the video. You can also get an option to post your video’s preview on your newsfeed. And for cross-promotion, you also opt to make your IGTV video on Facebook. Buy Instagram TV likes to get more likes and reach , because to engage with consumers, videos are a strong tool for businesses and brands. Gen Z and Millennials watch plenty of video content.


Instagram stories are an easy and quick way to share your experience and moments, and you can also use text, music, or GIFs to bring them to real life.  You need to understand the Instagram stories if you are trying to build your business or your brand or new to the Instagram platform. Here are some interesting facts about the Instagram stories:

  • 17.8 percent of users of Instagram watch Instagram TV.
  • Sixty percentage of the millennials post and watch Instagram stories.
  • 86.6 percent of users of Instagram post on IG stories.
  • Thirty-nine percentage of Generation Z and thirty-one percentage of the Millennials users create content on Instagram.
  • More than 500M users used Instagram stories every day.


  • Go to the Instagram application on your mobile phone.
  • Just swipe right or click on the camera icon in the top left side corner.

That is the option for stories. Swipe up to add videos or pictures from your gallery or click a video or an image.


  • Stories are the latest way to status updates. Stories are great and easy for engagement.
  • Stories are not consuming very much time as compared to other types of content format, and stories are most rewarding.
  • Stories help you with the algorithm of Instagram to surface your content.
  • Stories have a short life and fun so that you can be innovative, crazy, and creative as much as you want.
  • Sixty-eight percent of users become much more interested in a product or brand after seeing it in an Instagram story.

With the help of the stories format of Instagram, you can build your brand and business, and in turn, you can achieve your goals of Instagram, you can build an engaging and strong community, and grow your Instagram account. Build a strong Instagram community by buying Instagram story views for your story. With the help of stickers, spark communication with your audiences and community.

  • Show your audience that you care.
  • Amplify your voice.


  • Create mode
  • Normal mode
  • Boomerang
  • Layout superzoom
  • Hands-free


Countdown sticker,  ask me anything sticker, quiz stickers, a poll sticker, multi ready to use templates, on this day features, by using the GIPHY search add a GIF search. And tag any account to say anything else that you wish to say, happy anniversary, thanks, or happy birthday.


This is one of the Instagram stories creating modes where you can swipe up and add pictures or videos from your gallery or click videos or photos right from the stories. 


There are 3 different types of boomerang, they are:

  • Duo
  • Echo
  • Slow-motion


You can create collages to your story posts with the help of the Layout option.


This mode has various effects: bounce, nope, surprise, paparazzi, beats, dramatic, TV program, bummer, fire, and hearts.  


With the help of this mode, you can create stories without holding them on hand.

TikTok For Leads:5 Strategies To Expand Your Sales Rate

Any marketers without any second thought can step into TikTok to market their product. It has over 800 million monthly active users. This video-sharing app has massive market potential. This is because it’s quite popular with the younger generation and millennials demographics. Anyway, it would be best if you had your own marketing strategies to promote your outcome. Many brands have successfully proved their presence on TikTok. 

But still, not everyone knows how to monetize on TikTok. In this article, you will see few tactics, which help to increase your leads on TikTok.

Why TikTok To Generate Leads?

Mobile users are rapidly increasing. Everyone has a smartphone right now. Also, people spend more time on videos.

TikTok is filled with the younger generation, so it’s easy to connect with their target audience for brands. 

Brands can directly promote their product to the people. It helps to share more information, benefits.

Let’s get started 

Have A Clear-Cut Goal 

Of course, your ultimate goal will be to generate leads, but you need to have particular objectives and plans to achieve that. To increase your sales rate, you must have enough followers, engagement rate. So you have a plan to increase your follower’s rate, you can even set a targeted view per video. Depending on your business, you can set your specific objective and intention. When you start achieving all your goals, you can see changes in your leads one by one.

Create An Outstanding Profile 

Set a unique logo for your profile, ensure it must relate to your brand or business. On the whole, it must stand out from other brands and creators. Make your business name or brand name as your name and username. Come up with an interesting bio. It must express your brand voice and personality. Moreover, you can add clickable bio links. You can add a link to the desired landing page to generate leads. 

Post Valuable & Engaging Content 

Just like all other social media, content is the king of TikTok. Creating engaging content is essential to increase your engagement. Experiment with all kinds of content, analyze your audience preference and plan content according to that. At the same time, maintaining maximum presence is crucial. Post at least one or two per day. Consistency helps to expand your reach and engagement rate. You can also go to this site which helps to give more exposure to your video.TikTok is all about fun, right, so give equal importance to entertainment and value to your content.

Take Part In Challenges Or Create It

Usually, trending videos, challenges will be streaming on TikTok. Trends are part of its culture. Your job is to get participated in those videos and challenges. Trust me, those kinds of videos will give more visibility and reach many new audiences. In fact, you can also create your own challenges while planning. Keep in mind, it must be funny, easy, and connect with your brands. Along with adding a perfect CTA, it will influence your audience to buy your product.

Include Right Hashtags 

Hashtags play a significant role in increasing your content discoverability. Give more exposure to your content, so you can expect more audience. Try to pick relevant hashtags that are exact to your brand or business. You can create branded hashtags for your business and use them in all your content. 


If your primary objective is to increase leads, you can go for influencer marketing. Using this, you can create huge impacts for your brand. Even you can go for TikTok ads to target specific people to maximize your leads and sales. Well, this article will help to gain more sales on TikTok.

5 Fascinating Content Ideas To Post On IGTV Channel

IGTV platform on Instagram has been growing slowly. It is the latest addition on Instagram, which allows the users to shoot long-form videos. To post videos on IGTV, you must have a channel like an Instagram profile. Instagram TV is one of the great marketing tools, which provides plenty of benefits to marketers. You can build brand awareness and trust, connect with your existing customers and with potential followers. With the help of lengthy videos, you can create engaging content to promote your business, brands effectively. Posting interesting content on Instagram TV is essential to withstand your presence and to hold an engagement rate. 

Here, you are going to see a few exciting content ideas to enhance your IGTV channel. 

Let’s get started,

Idea:1 Invite Your Audience 

Creating an intro video for your IGTV channel will be a perfect one to invite your new visitors. In these videos, you can clearly explain what your channel is about and what people can expect from your channel. It is almost like a welcoming video to your channel. So, new visitors will get aware of your channel, your style, and your behavior. Once you finish your intro videos, then you can start uploading. 

Come Up With Instagram TV Series 

Do you post videos frequently on Instagram TV? Well, creating Series will help you to maintain a constant presence. If you post an exciting series on Instagram TV, it regularly influences your audience to come back to your channel. Relying on your business, you can select your concepts or ideas for your channel. The Series will attain Instagram TV views and get more engagement. Try posting the comedy series, love, which will bring more audience to your channel. Also, you can share tips or hacks that you find useful to your audience. Once you start a series, post regularly, stick with the same time and day, let your audience know your posting time.

Answer All Your Audience Question 

To receive more engagement, you can bring your audience together to create engaging content. First, try to gather all those questions from your audience; you can use question stickers and polls to collect queries. You need to pick a question that is interesting and influences your business. Then answer all those selected questions and upload them to your channel. Make sure your videos are engaging and pour some humor, jokes in your video. Trust me; it will work very well. People love to get back your answers to their questions. 

Share Your Day-To-Day Happenings  

What about the DML concept, its currently on social media. In the DML video, you can share all your happenings on that particular day. Like what’s your routine, your work, how you balance your work and your life. Moreover, you can use this video to promote your business or brands. It helps to promote your products or brands indirectly, which looks organic. For instance, if you’re promoting skincare products, you can bring your skincare routine concept in your DML video. In that way, you can promote your products. 

Bloopers & Behind-The-Scenes

People expect perfect editing, the theme on pictures post, but when it comes to videos, maximum bloopers, unscripted content is winning more. So, don’t waste your bloopers; post it after your edited videos. It will attract more engagement and audience attention. As like, bloopers, behind-the-scenes are also high-performing content. You can share behind-the-scenes regularly to give daily updates of your happenings to your audience. 

Winding Up

Well, Instagram TV is one of the best online video platforms. I think you all know how important video content is on social media. It will bring tons of engagement to your content, so make use of IGTV for your business. I believe that this article will assist you in building fascinating content for your IGTV channel.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

5 Simple Strategy to Improve your Instagram Marketing In 2021

Everything is growing into a social media platform in the digital world, and it has become a part of everyday life. Most people spent their time on different social platforms. 

Facebook-owned Instagram, and it is one of the trendiest platforms in the world, with more than 1 billion monthly users. These channels offer vast features for every individual and business owners to engage their customers, build strong relationships, and showcase your brand to a wider audience. 

Instagram is the perfect platform for marketers to get more opportunities to enhance their social media marketing strategies. 

But few of them don’t know this platform’s features. In this article, here are six simple steps to implement your marketing strategy on TikTok in 2021. 

1. Use Instagram Stories Feature 

The hottest part of Instagram is its stories, and it helps to reach your thoughts and creativity all over the world. 

If you are a marketer, the Instagram stories feed helps to launch your new products and services, and you can include the swipe up feature that takes people directly to your website or the product page. 

You can also use these stories feature to repost other users’ content relevant to your industry and audience niche. 

For Instance, if you launch a new product recently, you can link to the product with other stories. 

2. Post Your Stories Regularly

It is one of the effective marketing strategies on Instagram to reach and retain followers. You can use an Instagram marketing strategy calendar to schedule your posts ahead of time. If you post high-quality and valuable content, the audience will expect to see your stories regularly. But you need time for selecting images, adding and editing captions. 

One of the simple ways to update your content is by creating a calendar and scheduling your posts in advance. So, you can simply tab the share option if you post. 

You should remember that the posting time is important. You need to analyze and find the perfect time to share your story on Instagram, and when the audience is active online, it helps to spread your posts to a new and huge audience.

3. Engage With Other Accounts  

Instagram is an excellent social media platform to reach more potential customers and engage with them directly. 

If you want to gain massive followers in your account, you can start to follow others’ accounts relevant to your industry and interact with them by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts for your fans and followers. Also, sending a direct message to their profile is more effective.

4. Get Organic Followers 

Gaining Organic followers is one of the ultimate marketing strategies to grow your business. Followers made your page more popular and authentic, and they are the pillars of your account growth and brand reach. 

If your Instagram story attracts more audience, they will try to share your posts from their account. If their audience watches your posts, they like and share them with their fans and followers. 

The process will continue if your post immediately attracts people. So, your posts will get a chance to gain more likes, comments, and shares. 

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to get organic reach to your account. If you want to instant reach on Instagram, you can use Planyourgram IG reach, which  helps to increase the visibility for your posts within a short span. 

5. Follow Instagram Live Feature 

Another effective strategy to increase the engagement rate on Instagram is Instagram live, and stories feature. Both of these options are directly engaging with your audience to enhance your brand reach. 

The Instagram live feature is greatly beneficial for businesses to reach a targeted audience and showing their product to real people. When you go live, you can directly communicate with your real audience and get more new customers for your brand. 

Thanks for reading this article. 

I hope it is really beneficial for your brand’s success. Use this golden platform for your business purpose and achieve more.


At least once, everyone has heard about the app TikTok by this time. It is one of the most successful social media apps since created ever since. Millions and hundreds of youngs’ minds were conquered by it because of its edgy appeal and popularity. TikTok made Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook afraid because of its wild rapid growth and incredible expansion came as a real surprise for all of us. TikTok apps are a very popular phenomenon and get real TikTok likes for your creativity content . It is the most successful ever created social media app as a single app.  When differently makes, it is one of the main facts that the social media video app TikTok app is not an invention on American, even though some 60 million of the TikTok users are Americans, and they are very crazy about app TikTok. 


The concept of the TikTok app is very easy; it is a 15-second video, which is all performing by people all over the world, for what they like. The essence feature of the TikTok app is gamification. The gamification is absent on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Where you follow inner circle people primarily that you have known already, unlike it TikTok, browsing is crazy and simple. It unites people all over the world make you laugh loudly. The appealing of the TikTok app is the younger audience. Though the users are the majority are from China and India, it has been widely and praised used by more than Americans with 40 million, especially the forerunners of GenZ and teens. 


Technically, TikTok is not a US company, but the American user’s data amount is enormous. A key to being viral is being like a way for self-replicating advertised for free like-virus. But the very one quality app is TikTok, the much more different functions do not compromise its performance and quality for a lot of users. Compare the TikTok to Instagram, Facebook, that went down this year every month. Too much attention is attracted by the TikTok of its Millenials and GenZ appeal. The ability of the short videos to add visual effects and add sounds on TikTok to complete challenges and flash mobs make the social media network engaging. All around the people in the world since ie, connects the people. Freely allows the sharing of emotions and expressions.


Regardless of what type of business you run, whether it is big business or small business, marketing on social media can be a great effective one when it comes to reaching out to the target market. From the beginning, you have to focus on the correct metrics in order to see how you are good at reaching the marketing goals on social media.  That is the only thing you should improve your business efforts and get a great investment in your returns in the long way run. Two different critical metrics are on social media, which have to understand and monitor when leveraging for marketing are impressions and reach. You may have come across the reach metric if you have managed a page on Facebook before. Facebook will show how much reach and many people see your posts when you post something on your business profile.  Every marketer on social media has to read all these two crucial metrics impressions and reach at some time. In their own rights, each of them is important. You have to analyze them until and unless you spend time. 


If the reach of your posts increases, then awareness of your posts will also increase. For every brand, the reach of the posts is more important. Marketers have to reach more users as possible. You have to know the difference between the impressions and reach of your profile or posts or videos if you are building an awareness of the brand by using the popular social media channels. Or otherwise, you have to end up investing your effort and time in a false direction. Increasing the audiences on social media will allow you to reach out to new audiences and introduce and be aware of your products and brands. Understanding the key metrics such as impressions and reach and knowing the key difference between them will help you to create the great and right kind of content. More followers and fans are attracted by content. 


Reach on Instagram denotes the number of total users who will all view your post or content or video actually.  Reach is since the only measure of how many audiences ee your posts or videos or content; you cannot afford to ignore this metric. You have to focus on how many people you were able to reach out to instead of looking at the total number of fans and followers.  It will help you to work on organic reach, improving, and content optimizing. 


Impressions on Instagram refers to the number count of how many times your posts displayed to the audiences.  Impressions are not only unique to certain users; reach measures only the number of audiences viewed your posts. Get Instagram reach  for getting unique impression from users. There are different types of reach on Facebook are paid reach, organic reach, and viral reach. Organic reach can let more engagement and more likes. Paid reach lets you invest money in it.

How To Increase Twitter Engagement Drastically

With the number of Twitter users increasing day by day, social media experts share various benefits and tips to make the best out of Twitter. There are many tactics to increase engagement and get organic reach on Twitter. Some of the highlights of using Twitter are:

  • Providing high quality and engaging content to users
  • Act as you do in real situation
  • No spam
  • Build strong relationships

In this article, we will discuss some tips to boost the number of Twitter followers and increase engagement.

Who Should You Follow on Twitter

If you are on your way to promote your business on Twitter, who you follow is extremely important and plays a main role in startup promotion. You need to focus on three things which are story, reach end engagement.

Several top accounts on Twitter with large number of followers got them after they started following other users. But you have to remember to follow high quality industry specific profiles to get tons of followers. You are highly probable to get more followers whe yu follow people who share the same target audience as yours. Now definitely many people start following you back within a week hence increasing engagement notably.

Share call to action(CTA)

Feel free to share news about things like new products, promotional sales and offers. This is a great way to engage your audience and to let them know about your new product. Some of the tips to remember are:

Be real and genuine because this makes you seem more human and sincere to people. Compose your tweets in your actual tone to look more casual and closer to your audience.

Focus on emphasising on the benefits of your products rather than directly asking them to buy your product.

Asking them to check the type of content you provide instead of instructing them to check your blog can really work.

Create a landing page to give a safe experience to users.

Don’t shy to sell your product

Twitter is all about giving interesting content to your audience. Along with posting content regularly, Including a clear call to action can add much more value to your tweets. For example, adding a CTA to retweet your tweets can work perfectly to get more retweets. Otherwise, you can buy twitter retweets to make your tweets appear in the suggested tweets list of users.

Rules To Follow back 

Some people may not be in the same niche but may be interested in your content. Don’t hesitate to follow such people. Because some of their followers may start following you. 

Doing so can build the following /followers ratio. Posting great content helps getting more people follow and engage with your profile.

Tweet multiple times

Till some recent times in the past, people did not like the same content shared again and again. But some new studies conducted by industry experts suggest that people don’t get annoyed when you post the same content but with some added value. In fact, this can bring your website more traffic thus reaching users in different timezones. 

How to start a business for YouTube Marketing

Using social media platforms will help to enhance your business; it comes to close, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We arrive at what is conceivably the most specialty stage in terms of substance: YouTube.

If you need to utilize your YouTube marketing for small businesses, you will be creating videos that are simple and informative. Whereas this appears self-evident, it’s worth noticing that whereas social platforms like Facebook allow making, posting, and sharing a variety of sorts of content. Creating useful content on YouTube means you will be spending your time in video creation and video creation only.

The method of making videos is time-consuming and encompasses a bit of a learning bend, so make beyond any doubt that this stage is one you truly have time for and interest in

Let’s start!

1) Set up Your Channel

Creating a channel on YouTube is not easy; First, you can create a Google account( if you have already had that’s no problem). Create a new one technically.

If you have a YouTube channel fetch your Gmail account, it is a great thought to create a new account, particularly for your trade-in arrangement to segregate your individual and proficient Google and YouTube action.

Presently, you will need to select a title for your unused YouTube channel. As with all your other social profiles, you are choosing one that’s near your commerce title as conceivable is best. Spend a few time selecting a solid channel title that speaks to your trade and your brand, since there is more continuity. 

2) Add a banner

Before you focus on your video content regularly, your page must be visually appealing on YouTube. You can make a YouTube banner in different ways. There are many ways to create a banner using canva for the YouTube banner’s individually designed templates. 

3) Create a Trailer

A YouTube trailer is that first an autoplay video, that audience watches your video and they come to your YouTube page. It’s their first taste of what your brand is around, and what your YouTube channel will contain.

They will conclude on your channel due to a link from one of your other social destinations, your blog, or your site. They will explore your channel themselves after having faltered upon one of your videos. 

4) Concentrate on Audience Feedback

Grasping the audience is very important to improve your brand. Watch your audience’s reaction and their move. Note it down to the audience’s performance; what they do are putting likes or dislikes or comments. Your videos having more likes and comments is the best way to reach out to all audiences. Buying YouTube comment likes help to look at original content and stimulate the other viewers to support the channel. 

5) Add Keywords on Title:

If you want to boost your page at the top, add the keywords in the first of the title. You can also gain more organic traffic, and you happen to add those keywords in the title of the YouTube video, there are several ways that searchers will find your video.